Important things to read

This is a list I’ll maintain of books you need to either read; either you will learn from them, or you will confirm that you have already mastered their contents.

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

Read the Pragmatic Programmer.

It’s hard to over-sell this book. If you know and live everything in this book, then I definitely want to hire you.

Book – Software Foundations

Software Foundations is published online. It’s pretty amazing. It’s both a study of the foundations of programming languages, a use of Coq (“an industrial-strength proof assistant), and a more advanced introduction to functional programming. The book is aimed at Ph.D. students and researchers, but should be understandable by someone at the upper end of the undergraduate level.

Here’s a collection of solutions to the exercises in the book:


Assorted Bloggers

This is a list of blogs I’ve read. I’m keeping the list roughly sorted by last-update time, so blogs that are infrequently updated are nearer the bottom (and blogs updated less often than say six months just fall off the bottom).







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