GDC – AI Summit – Day 2 – Giant Leap

What is a giant leap? Technologies? Titles?

The Next Giant Leap of Game AI – Dan Kline, Maxis

Designing Using AI. Reactive, not adaptive. Design is about conversation between designers and players. Garry’s Mod, Deus Ex, Far Cry 2. When we can’t react, we fall back on scripts, etc. Want an explosion of interactive games.

Camera with AI to help you take better pictures.

Core challenges. 1: concept phase is slow. 2: comes together late. 3: AI feedback is core.

Debugging feedback on screen attached to character.

Game design going through transformative phase.

Alex J. Champandard,

Artificial Intelligence

Online Multiplayer – small number of players, wide variety of levels, regular updates, customizable mechanics. Large problem space but manageable solutions.

Data  & Processing – terabytes of gameplay events, hundreds of thousands of servers

Artificial Intelligence. Specifically *not* game AI. Real strong AI.

Intersection is Intelligent Bots, competitive and adaptive. Golden age of bots in games. AI that understands new game mechanics almost immediately. Bots used as instructional partners. AI that adapts to the meta game. Bots that balance games better than random human players. Support for exotic mods that almost no one plays.

Design Challenges? Building a game that is still fun with intelligent opponents? Business Challenges? The money is there, MOBA already wants it.

Michael Lewis, ArenaNet

Just the facts. We have tech but don’t always use it. Sometimes we don’t even need it. And players think “better AI” just means “harder bad guys”.

Let’s define Game AI. A solution for creating content. Virtual wind tunnel for game AI.

Procedural Everything.

Use analytics to inform design iteration. Why stop iterating at ship? Game capable of learning from its players.

Damian Isla, Moonshot Games

Language is a giant leap. Speech recognition, natural language understanding, text generation, dialog generation.

Google translate, text summary, reading manual and having a bot that plays the game better.

Language is the next big thing that we should tackle for game design. The discourse problem is one that hasn’t been tackled for a long time.

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