GDC – Thursday – Microtalks

Richard Lemarchand

Change is an opportunity. Visit the Ahhhcade artgame show until 8:30 tonight. at moma

Leigh Alexander

Interview developers and study culture, trends – what are gamers. It should be more than sales.
Actual grownups are listening. Increased focus on diversity initiatives. Controversy – sex sells, but it doesn’t any more. There is a serious image problem. Need a fresh respect for marketing.

Tom Bissell

Middle ground between fiction and experiences. Big budget action games are not a writing medium. Wrote novels and then script for Gears of War. The player does most of the steering. Writing dialog for scenes we hadn’t made. Felt false. Journalist reporting live from Gears of War. Ludonarrative dissonance. Story and game need to be the same thing, story is what the player does, writer provides orientation and mood. Games are not a story playing medium.

Kim Swift

Portal game designer. Topic of “Bad Boss”. Teammates can be friends, but you are their boss. Listen. Trust team mates to help make good decisions. Information helps people stay on the same page; people need to decide if information is relevant to them. Make information transparent. Criticism has to be constructive. “That sucks” makes you a dick. References and examples.

George Fan

How to choose a theme for your game. Four questions,
1. Is your theme something you’re into?
2. Does your theme support the game mechanics? mechanic and theme reinforce each other
3. Does your theme communicate the goal? Immersion and Motivation helped by the theme
4. Does your theme have both familiarity and novelty? 50% familiarity + 50% novelty = 100% awesome.

Carla Fisher

Kids don’t come with a manual, and need lots of QA.
Potty Training with Plants vs. Zombies. Need desirable goals.
Baking Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Left 4 Dead. On the edge of their abilities. Zone of Proximal Development. Dialogic reading.

Ben Cerveny

The city has always been our most complex game.
Cities are coming alive with technology.
the network pervades all things in the city.
flocking cars, fluid media, printed objects
play flows across contexts and devices

Mare Sheppard

Made N, now making N++. Moving forward? Chomsky quote on optimism and the future.

Anna Anthropy


Manveer Heir

Papo y Yo. Metaphor for alcohol abuse.

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