GDC – Thursday – Porting TF2 to VR

Joe Ludwig

add -vr to launch options for TF2 to enable Oculus support. Turn off Aero, it adds a frame of latency. Get a DVI or HDMI splitter.

Latency, Stereo Rendering, User Interface, Input, VR Motion Sickness

Google “john carmack latency”, “michael abrash latency”.

Stereo Rendering – split window in half for each eye. “for each eye” loops. Stereo Image Pair. Concept of “middle eye” and offset from there. Correcting for lens distortion; need to apply barrel distortion and they are display-specific.

UI. Depth cues. Occlusion and Convergence. If you have mismatched depth cues, then users will have visual problems. Best place for UI is in the center. Most VR games won’t have a HUD. But TF2 has to have one. Crosshair has to be determined by a raycast to see what depth to draw it at.

User input. Adds Yaw, pitch and roll from head tracking.

VR Motion sickness, very much like sea sickness.


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