To-do: make ‘git rebase’ a first-class citizen

git rebase is awesome, because it lets you fix your history after the fact. It’s not about rewriting history, it’s about improving it so that it makes more sense, or so that it’s composable.

But git rebase also breaks workflows. If you rebase work that others have built on, you create problems for them, because Git will get confused about how to merge. That’s bad, because a lot of Git’s power is based on the idea of constant branching and merging.

One of my pet projects is to figure out how to allow both constant branch/remerge and rebase to co-exist happily. I have no clear idea how to do this, just some vague ones. At some point, I’ll work on this. But if someone else were to do it before me, I’d be just as happy.

Hint, hint.

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