Interesting bits

DissidentX from Bram Cohen – a “censorship resistance tool”.

Microsoft is offering Visual C++ Refactoring – you can rename variables, for example. It’s more of a tech demo than anything else, at least at the moment.

Bitcoin mining currently uses $15 million a day in electricity – maybe. Can Bitcoin reach $98,500 per coin? Or is the fair price of a Bitcoin actually zero?

GCC poison? Maybe. Still pissed at Microsoft trying to deprecate strcpy etc, so misguided.

David Lowery thinks Silicon Valley is destroying creativity? Sigh. Or lol. I can’t decide which. So misguided.

Guy Kawasaki says you must enchant your customers. I probably agree.

First class functions in C. Although, it’s really more of a stunt.

Mac OS 10.9 has had incredible adoption rates (upwards of 50% of Macs are now running 10.9), but Windows 8 feels like a flop; it’s still not at 10% adoption rate, and Windows 7 adoption rate is now outpacing Windows 8.

Applebee’s and Chili’s rolling out iPads – is this going to replace waiters?

Shanghai-China is #1 on the Pisa 2012 results (which is Math, Reading and Science). The US is #36. Below Russia. Below France, Italy and Spain. Sigh.

Is there a link between wormholes and quantum entanglement? That’s pretty cool.

How does the NSA break SSL? Tricks.

A lock-free ring buffer.


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