LG N2B1 NAS with Blu-ray writer

I bought one of these about 4 years ago. It’s discontinued, but still works, and I wanted to use it recently, so I had to find software for it. Besides 500 GB of backups from 2010 on it, it has a Blu-ray writer and I’ll see if it still works (it’s been packed away in its box, so everything should be good – it powered up nicely and I can copy files to/from it).

Product support page

There’s new firmware and new UI, but this requires the drive to be wiped. I probably won’t do that unless something fails to work

Some better links, although this isn’t the exact model (but I bet it’s the same software)

I downloaded a Mac NAS Detector from Softzilla

While I wasn’t paying attention, Mac NAS boxes had a bit of a kerflufle in 2011, Apple transitioned protocols (decided the old one had insecurities), and this means that out of the box, Mac OS X 10.7 and up can’t talk AFP to older NAS boxes. There is a way to re-enable the old DHCAST-128 protocol.

On a related note, MuCommander might be useful. Note: written in Java.


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