BangDb – new high-performance database?

The developer of BangDB, Sachin Sinha, recently put a performance paper up on the High Scalability website

Performance Data for LevelDB, Berkeley DB and BangDB for Random Operations

Berkeley DB is now owned by Oracle, but it’s been around for a long time. It’s a library that provides an embedded database for key/value data, written in C with bindings for a number of languages. Proprietary software requires a commercial license of around $900 to $14000 per processor.

LevelDB is a key-value library written by Google, somewhat faster in operation than Berkeley DB. It has built-in compression (using Snappy), is written in C, and is BSD licensed.

BangDB is a new entrant to the key-value database world, with embedded, network service, and distributed cluster modes. Only the embedded version has been released, and it’s BSD license. It’s written in C++.


One thought on “BangDb – new high-performance database?”

  1. Bangdb has worked really well for us. We needed to load 100 of millions of thumb nails and bangdb worked too good. With just 6GB memory we work with 70GB of data

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